Engineering: The Backbone of Indian Education

By | May 16, 2018


India is a country with more than half of the population has a dream of becoming rich, live an elite life, make it easy for their siblings to lead a happy life. The mentality of the people is that it is only possible either if a person is having a degree in engineering or the person is pursuing medical. In our country, there are many engineering colleges and every year many people complete their graduation in the field of engineering with specilization in computer science, mechanical, electrical, civil, etc. If talking about numbers, 1.5 million engineers graduate every year from India, but the bitter truth behind this figures is that it is a mere degree which we show to the world, the type of work we do in industries or the corporate world is completely the flipped part of the coin.


In the Indian education system, most of the students who make choices of which subject they need to choose are the perception of their parents. Most of the times the parents decide the trend their ward will study and most of the time it leads to the disappointment for the students as it may happen that they lack the interest in the subjects and taste consecutive failures.

The decisions taken by each student decides the career or the future of the student. During the counseling of the subjects, students need to face some of the problems like parental pressure, which stream will have more chances of getting the student placed, etc. A survey was done in the Top Engineering Colleges of Mumbai, and the reported stated that year after year the number of applicants applying for the college is increasing. Students and parents are nowadays relying on the modern techniques for finding the colleges which suit the interest as well as the talent of the individual student. Parents should be supportive of the keen interest of the students in the subjects that will be a combination of a certain number of subjects which will decide the career of the students. Internet playing a major role in deciding the future, parents prefer a number of sites and the most preferable choice is Getmyuni. It prepares a list of the colleges according to the choice of subject by the students. This site gives the most detailed information about all the colleges that is being searched on the site.

#Myth in Engineering

The first myth in India which makes people orthodox and people follow it blindly is that, if a person needs to have a good job or profile or need to spend his or her future comfortably, then the person needs to be an engineer and other graduation degree is nothing except for medical and law. The second myth which generally destroys the thinking capacity, innovative ideas of a student is that the student pursuing engineering needs to maintain 8.00 CGPA, them only the student is intelligent and is capable of working in any industry or corporation. The third myth is the mark of the student are very important and people scoring marks more than 90 percent in higher education are the true reflection of intelligence. The fourth myth which is very much common and many students take it seriously and destroy their career is that students from vernacular medium cannot prosper because of the influence of their mother tongue while they speak or write. Students who have passed from English medium are more intelligent.

Well, myth is just the opposite of reality and most of the facts stated above are ignored in the education system of the modern world.

Author Name: Risbhab Kumar

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