How to prepare for TOFEL exam

By | May 16, 2018

How to prepare for TOFEL exam Proficiency in the English language is very important if you want to study abroad and non-native speakers need to demonstrate before applying to any college. Some of the popular English language exams which are almost accepted by every university are:

  • Pearson’s Test of English

What TOEFL exactly means

The full form of TOEFL is ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’. The exams are conducted in two ways – written exam for those who are not able to access internet and second is online exams conducted in major cities on pre-scheduled dates. With this exam, you can also apply for best online colleges in abroad.

How to register for the TOFEL

One of the easiest and most advantageous technique to enroll for the TOEFL is by going to the official site. You will find different directions given on the best way to create a profile and enroll for the test.

Students can enlist for a test out on their preferred place and can select the dates from the given list on the official site of TOFEL. The charge for the test differs from countries to countries and is consistently updated. You can also find the TOFEL score needed by a specific college through a website thecollegemonk. Students can visit the official site for the latest fee cost information. As of now, the TOEFL charge differs from S160 to $250.

Course pattern for TOFEL exam

There are four skills which are needed for TOFEL exam – writing, reading, speaking, and listening. The total duration of the exam is around 4 to 5 hours with a 10 minutes break in between. The pattern of exam is as follows:

  • In the reading section, you will find 3 to 4 passages and you have to answer based on the questions related to the passage.
  • You will be provided with a voice recording of different lectures or classroom discussions in which you have to listen carefully and then answer questions.
  • You will have to give presentations based on the particular topics.
  • In the writing section, you will be given an essay topic and the topic is generally related to reading and listening modules

Scoring pattern

Every module of the test is for a most extreme of 30 marks; so students may secure an aggregate score of somewhere in the range of 0 to 120. Notwithstanding a value score of numerical; feedback of the performance of the modules is additionally given. Validation of the TOFEL score remains for only two years after the test date and there is no restriction to the number of examinations you can take. You will receive the result after 13 days of the test.

Cracking the TOFEL exam

When you have decided to give a TOFEL exam; give yourself at least a half year to get ready for the test. There is a various online source where you can find course materials, which enable you to take up a mock test for TOEFL. These let you get a vibe of the exam pattern and enable you to examine and find your strong and weak points. The ‘listening module’ of the test can be somewhat tricky; tune in to news communicates on international channels like the BBC and CNN; watch English TV serials and motion pictures and endeavor to get a handle on the better parts of British and American elocution of English words. This will be extremely useful! This way you can get prepared and clear the TOFEL exam.

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